Wallace & Gromit: A Matter Of Loaf And Death Blu-ray

A Matter Of Loaf And Death Blu-ray

Wallace & Gromit

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Another dollop of animated mirth and mayhem with the cheese-loving inventor Wallace (voice of Peter Sallis) and his long-suffering dog Gromit. This time around, the pair have converted their home into the 'Top Bun Bakery' - complete with rooftop windmill - but with 12 local bakers having mysteriously gone missing, Gromit worries that they'll soon make up the baker's dozen. Wallace, meanwhile, is oblivious to the danger, having fallen head over heels for former Bake-o-Lite bread babe, Piella Bakewell (voice of Sally Lindsay). With his master otherwise engaged, it's up to Gromit to rise to the occasion and solve the mystery before Wallace becomes the next victim of the cereal killer.

Certificate: PG
Region: 2
Format: PAL - Not suitable for US Blu-ray players