Shaun the Sheep: Shaun The Sheep: Flock To The Seaside

Shaun The Sheep: Flock To The Seaside

Shaun the Sheep

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When a seaside carnival lures the whole flock away from a herding competition, will Bitzer the sheepdog be forced to turn in his clipboard?

Bitzer the sheepdog is looking, well, sheepish. Not only is Top Dog, his sniggering rival, flaunting the latest eHerder device, now Bitzer can’t find his flock! Even if a madcap chase with Shaun uncovers their woolly friends amid a frenzy of cotton candy, fortune-teller’s booths, acrobat tents, and clown cars, can they all make it back to the sheep-herding contest in time—and figure out how to wow the judges?

Paperback 112 Pages
Suitable for ages 5+